“Crystal LightBody Birthing” Meditation By MagaliArts

"Crystalline LightBody Birthing" is the awakening of you here & now in the 5th Dimension. Your Crystalline Nature through your skeletal system allows any lower vibratory frequencies to dissolve.  Your consciousness from within crystalline nature within the clear quarts skeleton structure from within your body... you are awakening to yourself within the 5th dimensional energy body, the earth's 5th dimensional energy body. Devine Alignment from this perspective.  Life events, decisions, reactions are still necessary to undergo.... but with your crystalline nature rooted in divine alignment. 

This is a **LIVE AUDIO RECORDING** of the Circle of lights Meditations and/or Anatomy Of Healing Trainings, guided Channellings by MagaliArts with The Guardians of the Light... Activation of the LightBody from Within!